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Faux News Show

Apr 5, 2018

  • The PC/Console Divide in Esports is inadvertently becoming a racial divide.
  • Video Games Are '90 times' More Violent Than Actual War, Here's How To Change That
  • Yale Guest Speaker Virgie Tovar: Being Fat is a Revolutionary Political Act
  • Gender Equity LOL: Man Legally Changes Gender So He Can Retire 5 Years Earlier
  • Why Trump Hasn't Fired Mattis
  • Shots Fired: Quiznos Has Hired Subway’s Jared Fogle For A New Ad Campaign Claiming That Quiznos Sandwiches Cured His Pedophilia
  • Rapist is let off for sexually attacking a woman after agreeing to allow his sister to be raped by victim's brother in Pakistan.
  • All this and more on the Faux News Show!