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Faux News Show

Jul 26, 2018

This Weeks Headlines:

  • Man Who Is 90 Per Cent Covered In Tattoos Has His Genitals Removed Because They Spoiled The View Of His Body Art.
  • Guy Who Says God Sends Natural Disasters To Punish Gays Has His Home Destroyed In A Natural Disaster.
  • Florida Man Bites His Brother's Penis Off After He Walks In On His Brother Having...

Jul 19, 2018

The Return of FuaxReal:

  • Catfish in Mississippi River.

This Weeks Headlines:

  • Bernie Sanders Asks Nation To Please Stop Mailing Him Books On Economics.
  • A Montana Woman Broke Into A Man's House With A Machete, Ordered Him To Take Off His Clothes And Forced Him To Have Sex With Her.
  • I Stopped Going To The Gym Because Of...